1. KYC and verification process

How can I entice my user to verify their identity?

Check if a user didn't yet verify their identity by using this simple query :
query MyQuery {
  user {
If the idVerified is false, then the user did not verify their identity. You should ask the user to verify their identity only if the identificationStatus is not Processing or ValidIdentity. To prompt them to do so you can craft a oAuth url using this guide with the idverified scope. Here is an example of a URL:
The identificationStatus gives you more details about the status of the process. Use this to determine precisely what went wrong if the user is not verified.
We will not force the user to verify their identity, but we will give them the option to do so after they input their passcode. We will also send them a text message with a link that they can use anytime they want to restart the process. Learn more